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Nathan Ross, Inc.

Nathan Ross, Inc. was founded in 2018 as a family-based nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping Black History, Community Values, and the Cultural Arts alive in Gainesville, Florida. 


Nathaniel S. Courtney, Jr. 


Nathaniel S. Courtney, Jr., also known as Nate Turner, is an educator, entrepreneur, artist, activist, and coach from Gainesville, Florida. Mr. Courtney attended Florida A&M University, where he obtained his B.S. in Business Administration (2009) and a Masters of Applied Social Sciences in History (2010). Courtney later completed his Masters in Education, with a concentration on urban adolescents with learning disabilities at Long Island University (2015).

Mr. Courtney has since spent over 6 years serving as a Special Education Teacher in the East New York and Brownsville sections of Brooklyn, NY for over six years, prior to returning to Gainesville, Florida, where he now lives and works.

In addition to his endeavors as an educator, Mr. Courtney is the founder of Mind Grind Entertainment, a socially and politically conscious Independent Record Label and entertainment company. Under the leadership of Courtney, the record label has produced several albums, EPs, and mixtapes; as well as hosted countless events.

Mr. Courtney believes that all students have the right to a fair, equitable, and just education that provides them with the skill sand tools to successfully navigate in this world; thereby enabling children to become productive citizens who make meaningful contributions to our global society.


Ron Courtney

Ron Courtney is a businessman, entrepreneur, and ​ connoisseur of history, culture, and couture cuisine.

As a native of Palatka, Florida and with long-standing ties to Gainesville, Mr. Courtney has always been dedicated to keeping family traditions alive while also paying homage to the ancestors, his elders, and hometown.

As such, he has been heavily involved as a mentor, founder and CEO of Nathan Ross, Inc.

It is his hope that this organization will be a lasting part of his life-long mission and dedication to education, family, and the cultural arts. 


Shardé Goodloe

SGoodloe Headshot 2.jpg

Shardé Goodloe is a long-time educator and the current Director of Community Engagement at Nathan Ross, Inc. Her career has been focused in higher education and public history. Specifically, Ms. Goodloe has been an instructor of African American History for almost a decade and has also taught in K-12 schools for the last 5 years.  In addition, she has worked in museums dedicated to African-American history and has been involved with several local organizations dedicated to community and youth development which is her true passion. 

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