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Nathan Ross, Inc. held it's First Annual “North Central Florida Juneteenth Gospel Festival”

on Saturday, June 23, 2018, at the Citizens Field in Gainesville, Florida. The festival provided positive musical entertainment and historical knowledge while commemorating an historical event that impacted the lives of millions throughout the Southern United States of America.

The festival also included culinary arts; local, regional, and international gospel music recording artists; as well as visual arts. The festival brought together people from throughout North Central Florida and the Southeastern United States.

We have since joined together with the City of Gainesville to combine our efforts towards celebrating both Emancipation Day and Juneteenth. Although our festivals now incorporate more than just gospel music, this event laid the foundation for our organization to building great relationships within the community and set the precedence for creating fun, family-centered, cultural events for the community to enjoy.

Please join us as we continue to commemorate and celebrate Florida's journey

from Emancipation to Juneteenth!


Freedom Festival on June 18th, 2022!!


Join the "Juneteenth Planning Team Committee"

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